(Japanese Title: Zatoichi sakate giri )
(1965- Japan)
With Shintaro Katsu, Kanbi Fujiyama, Eiko Taki
Directed by Kazuo Mori
Reviewed by JB

Remember to walk your Ichi three times a day       On his way to yet another town, Ichi meets up with a con man who subsequently steals Ichi's name and reputation.  Of course, Ichi always has a price on his head, as the con man quickly finds out. After the intense ZATOICHI'S REVENGE, THE DOOMED MAN may feel like a let down, but it is really an example of how many ways a Zatoichi film could go.  This one is more light-hearted, with much fun in in the scenes between Ichi and the con man.  There is also a beautifully touching scene in which we realize the blind Ichi has never seen the beauty of an ocean and never will.  And in its quieter moments, ZATOICHI AND THE DOOMED MAN presents some of the most beautiful single shots of the series so far.  Maybe not one of the more memorable chapters, but good nonetheless.  3 - JB

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