(aka One Blow Too Many)
(1984 - TV)

With James Cagney, Art Carney, Ellen Barkin, Peter Gallagher, Edward Koch, Jospeh Sirola, Floyd Patterson, Harris Laskaway, Lawrence Tierney, Mike Starr
Directed by Joseph Sargent
Reviewed by JB

      Cagney's final film is a made-for-television tearjerker about a crusty old boxer reuniting with his needful granddaughter.  The story is hackneyed, but the cast rises above the material.  Cagney is stuck in a wheelchair, has limited movement and most of his dialogue was reportedly overdubbed, but once in a while, he shows some of the old Cagney twinkle in his eye.  It can be a depressing performance or an uplifting one, depending on what mood you are in.  Art Carney is his usual professional self, playing Cagney's man friday, and Ellen Barkin is simply wonderful as the granddaughter. An up and coming young actress at the time, Barkin is not intimidated in the least working side by side with two accliamed veterans, and, truth be told, she gives the best performance of the film. 2½ - JB

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