With Henry Kendall, Joan Barry, Percy Marmont, Betty Amann, Elise Randolph
Directed by Alfred Hitchcock
Black and White
Reviewed by JL

     One of the better studio-enforced projects from Alfred Hitchcock's early period, RICH AND STRANGE is a comic melodrama about a young couple whose faith in one another is tested when they receive a large inheritance, which they use to sail the world and indulge in some illicit pleasures. The film's mix of silent and sound scenes is a bit off-putting, and Hitchcock has trouble maintaining the tone of a picture that veers from broad comedy to soap opera. But an extended shipwreck scene offers some opportunities for his trademark suspense, and he indulges in some creative imagery -- in particular, the highly stylized and choreographed opening scene of commuters during rush hour. Not a great film by any means, but interesting in its own quirky way. ½ - JL

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