With Carl Brisson, Malcom Keene, Anny Ondra, Clare Greet, Randle Aryton
Directed by Alfred Hitchcock
Silent, Black and White
Reviewed by JL

     Most of the studio-enforced films that Alfred Hitchcock directed in the late '20s and early '30s were forgettable low-budget program-fillers. Occasionally, however, the results could be a halfway decent film such as THE MANXMAN, Hitchcock's last silent picture. It's no classic, it's not a suspense film, it's a depressing little thing, but it's an interesting story well-told. Something of a soapy and dramatic version of the Cary Grant-Irene Dunne farce MY FAVORITE WIFE, it concerns a young couple that plan to get married when the young woman's former fiance is presumed dead at sea, when all of a sudden...well, you know what happens next. One of the film's assets is the beautiful scenic photography on the Isle of Man.  - JL

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