With Edward G. Robinson, Barbara O'Neil, John Beal, Wendy Barrie, Otto Kruger, Marc Lawrence
Directed by Alexander Hall
Black and White
Reviewed by JB

      Borrowing Edward G. Robinson from Warner Brothers for I AM THE LAW, Columbia Pictures created a pretty good imitation of the kind of illogical but entertaining crime dramas Eddie G. had been starring in lately at his home studio. Here, Robinson plays a law professor appointed as a special prosecutor to help clean up a mob-ruled city, only to be hampered by obstacles (and dead witnesses) at every turn.  It's a clichéd programmer but not an unrewarding one, with a typically energetic performance from Robinson and some fine backup by a sympathetic cast. The film is at least two co-stars and one musical score short of being an above average Robinson vehicle, although, to be honest, even without those elements, it is about as good as Robinson's previous film, the Warner offering THE AMAZING DR. CLITTERHOUSE3 - JB

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