I got a hankerin' for strawberries (1954)
With Humphrey Bogart, Van Johnson, Fred MacMurray, Jose Ferrer, Robert Francis, Tom Tully
Directed by Edward Dymtryk
Reviewed by JL

     THE CAINE MUTINY features Humphrey Bogart in the last of his iconic performances, as the paranoid, steel-ball-rolling Captain Philip Francis Queeg, the guy who'll track down those strawberry thieves with a vengeance.  Bogart felt miscast in the role, yet it is one of his most layered, tragic, and compelling performances.  He's surrounded by a great cast, notably Fred MacMurray, who proves here and in THE APARTMENT (1960) that nice-guy actors often make the best cowardly slimeballs.  Captivating throughout its epic length, THE CAINE MUTINY succeeds as both a suspenseful high-seas adventure and a riveting courtroom drama. ½ - JL

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