With Daniel Day Lewis, Michelle Pfieffer, Winona Ryder, Geraldine Chaplin, Alexis Smith, Mary Beth Hurt, Alex McCowan, Richard E. Grant, Miriam Margoyles, Joanne Woodward (narrator)
Directed by Martin Scorsese
Reviewed by JB


Martin Scorsese, what were you doing
in plush drawing rooms all lush and refined?
A period piece would be your undoing,
absolute proof you are out of your mind

O, where are the mugs, the "fellas" so good
Where are De Niro, Joe Pesci and them?
You're that kind of guy, it's well understood -
Cape Fear and Mean Streets, those hard-boiled gems.

And yet, I confess, I've seen this film thrice
and each time I view it, I like it much more
It's not Raging Bull, but still very nice
and in conclusion, I'll give it stars four.

Just one more remark I'll pass on to you:
Winona's a babe, and Pfeiffer's hot too. 4 - JB

---- John V. Brennan, Sonnet #1, from the unpublished collection IAMBIC PENTAMETER AND HOW TO AVOID IT.

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